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THE SPRING PLEIN AIR CONTEST[1] (sometimes referred to as “Site”) Members are cordially invited to compete in the Plein Air Spring Season Contest. Three winners will each receive $294.50[2] worth of, Arches, and Royal Talens products[3] consisting of 1 Rembrandt oil set and 10 sheets of Arches oil paper. Please read the following Contest Rules for further details.
Basic Requirements. Entries must utilize mix media (eg. drawing, painting, photography, or digital art) on a flat surface; conform to the Contest theme: “The Spring Season” and not exceed 1 MB in size.   The “Spring Plein Air” theme is a broad category that may include The Spring season. Whether it be around the changing of the seasons, the blooming of colors in the landscape, we want to see what the season of rebirth means to you and how you wish to interpret this them into your art. The choice of medium is limited to painting (. Acceptable painting techniques include watercolor, oil, acrylic, gouache, mixed media, and other wet techniques. Photography, digital artwork, sketching, drawing, and collages are also accepted.
Entering. The Contest is available only to Members[4] who enter the Contest by designating up to five works[5] from their galleries. In other words, a work must first be entered in a Member’s gallery then selected by the Member for entry in the Contest. Works are selected by Members between April 2nd, 2012 and May 31st, 2012.   There is no charge or fee for participating in the Contest.
Entry Dates. Participating Members must register for the Contest and submit work(s) on or between the dates of April 2nd, 2012 and May 18th, 2012.
Judging and Criteria. Works will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
- Originality,
- Technical mastery, and
- Quality of composition.
Works will be verified and validated by the Artist Rendezvous Administrator before being posted on the Contest Site page. Members may vote for up to five different posted entries (each posted by a different Member) per day, between May 19th and May 26th, 2012.[6]  The top 30 works (and ties), as selected by the Members, will then be submitted to a three member “jury” selected by the Administrator.  The three selected winners will be announced, on the website, on May 31st, 2012. Winners will be notified by e mail. Member votes and the jury’s winner selections will be final and not subject to appeal of any kind.
Multiple Contests. A Member may participate in as many Contests on the site as he or she wants, including Contests that run simultaneously; however, a specific work may be submitted in only one competition at a time.

Originality. Entries must be original works created by entrants.

Disqualification. Any work may be disqualified if, in the opinion of the Administrator, it is:

Off-topic or includes elements or content that is offensive, racist, or likely to undermine human dignity,
Not in compliance with Contest Rules or other Rules and Policies governing the site,
The product of fraud or an attempt to cheat others, including the use of any process to register or vote more times than permitted, or

           Otherwise objectionable.

Intellectual Property. A Member entrant must be the holder of copyright or other rights attached to the works entered in the Contest. By entering, each entrant warrants that he or she possesses all rights to publish the works in question.

Advertising; Image rights; Copyright. Submission of works shall not result in the forfeiture of any rights therein held by entrants; however, entering the Contest shall afford Canson the right to display works as herein contemplated.  Please refer also to the Copyright Policy for further information on copyright and related intellectual property rights associated with the site.

Acceptance of Rules; Changes. Entering a work in the Contest constitutes unconditional acceptance of these Rules including any changes thereto, which may be made at any time and for any or no reason whatever.  Each change will be effective from the date that it is posted on the site. The Administrator shall decide all questions regarding application of these Rules, and his or her decision shall be final and not subject to appeal of any kind.

Change in Prizes. The organizers reserve the right, for any or no reason whatever, to substitute the prizes referenced above with other prizes of similar value.
Limitation of Liability. By entering the Contest, participating Members represent that they are generally familiar with digital networks, the World Wide Web, and the characteristics and limitations of the Internet. They also represent that they understand that the transmission of data on the Internet may not be error free, that the network or Site may be saturated at certain times, that the Site may be subject to intrusions by unauthorized third parties or contamination by viruses, and that access from some networks may depend on individual agreements and be subject to access restrictions.   Entrants therefore understand that Canson makes no warranty regarding the Site and they shall therefore be deemed to accept and shall utilize the Site on an “as is” basis, thereby waiving any claims arising from alleged deficiencies therein including delays, any failure of the Site to remain operational, or for the loss of or damage to entered works. Entrants shall not engage in any activity that would cause the Site to malfunction. Canson and the Site disclaim any responsibility for any disputes, actions, or claims of third parties or other Members relating to private rights, including any work submitted in the Contest.

Exclusion. Canson or the Site may cancel the participation of an Entrant who fails to comply with these Rules. Any violation of these Rules or any deceptive statement or representation by an Entrant shall result in the exclusion of the Entrant from the Contest without prejudice to the implementation of any legal or equitable action based thereon.
Other Terms and Conditions. Use of the site,including participating in the Contest, is subject to its Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Copyright Policy.
Questions? Please contact the Administrator through the contact form at: 
Mail and Courier Deliveries. If you wish to correspond with via “hard copy,” the address is:
Canson, Inc.
Attention: Website Administrator
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[1] Sponsored by Canson, Inc.
[2] Based upon suggested retail pricing.
[3] Prizes may not be exchanged for cash.
[4] To become a Member, visit the homepage of Artist Rendezvous and follow the registration steps. For help visit:   
[5] A Member may not change his or her designation of entries after the Contest period begins.
[6] A verification device will be utilized to prevent multiple votes by the same Member.