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  • Main Specialty : Photography
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I am currently a freshman at Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in photography. I am from Evans, Georgia, just outside of Augusta. I have always had an attraction to art, but not until my older sister began to take art lessons did I really have an interest in creating art. I love how art has no concrete boundaries and rules to follow. One can put pure emotion and expression onto a page and it can be art.
Photography has always been an interest of mine even if it was just taking pictures of my trip to the zoo or a family vacation. Ever since early High School I've known becoming an artist and an artist is the only path for me. Photography is my one true passion in life. I'm surprised that my heartbeat doesn't sound like a camera shutter. Photography is the only thing I see myself doing in twenty years from now, and its the only thing I want to do.

My Work
With my photography my main goal is to let people feel something when they look at my photographs. I feel that photography is not just documenting reality and what we see, but also documenting memories and the emotions we feel. I have wanted to pursue a career in nature/travel photography. I have always had the desire to travel, and the love of learning about other countries and the cultural differences people have. I want to combine these two loves and capture how people live and how the exist in their everyday lives. Everything and everyone on this planet has beauty, and I want to show people this beauty by photographing it.

My Goals
After I graduate from SCAD with a B.F.A in Photography I would hope to get a job as a working photographer. I acknowlege the fact that I will have to work under someone or multiple people for sometime until I can establish myself as a credible photographer. Yet I still dream big, so big it sometimes scares me. At one point I would love to establish my own photography studio, maybe even create a gallery to promote my work and my fellow artists. I would also like to move up to New York City at some point. Not necessarily because it is seen as a major art center, but because I love being in a city,and there are so many wonderful photographic opportunities there. Through my entire life, whether for work or as a vacation, I want to see the world. Either way I will be photographing the entire experience.

Wicked The Musical T-Shirt Design Contest Artistic Choice Winner (2012)
-My design was produced and sold at Wicked on Broadway and online

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